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Your employer is subsidizing the cost of professional counselling.

Now you can choose the counsellor you want to work with from a wide range of experienced counselling psychotherapists.

There are many specialities to help you with your practical concerns. Private & confidential service to protect all of your sensitive issues.

    Easy Access
  • Many office locations
  • In-person Sessions
  • Phone Sessions
  • On-line Sessions
  • Convenient Extended Hours
  • Call-backs within 24 hours
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Making Employee Assistance Affordable!

Pragmos developed GCP (Graduated Co-Payment) to make it possible more people to get the help they need. This is effective employee counselling on an 'as-needed' basis.

Smart employers realize that each of us has a private life that affects us and that when your life goes well, your work goes well. It pays to help each other out!

Employee Counselling Canada provides with a unique combination of employer-subsidized counselling services delivered by professionals.

Better than a standard benefits plan because you only pay on an 'as-needed basis. Employees don't see any money coming off their paycheques for benefits they don't use, and counselling sessions are private and confidential.

Want to know more about the program?
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The PRAGMOS GCP Solution

More for Less
No fixed annual fees, pure 'pay-as-you-go'. Our innovative solution costs much, much less and provides much, much more than most Employee Assistance Programs.
More Time
Real change takes time. The industry norm of six hours is not enough; our basic plan provides fifteen hours. Truth is, most EAP services eat up their budgets in overheads, not in service delivery.
More Choice
A wider range of professional specialities for both counselling and psychotherapy.
More Accessibility
Choose between in-person, on-line and phone services. Many office locations.
Less Cost
We have made it possible for small businesses to offer support by cutting out many overhead costs and by a graduated, discounted cost-sharing plan.
Less Hassle
We have simplified the process of starting counselling and therapy and made the process entirely secure.

How is this possible?
We are able to offer this service because of our talent pool, our many practice specialties, low administration fees and overheads, and our deep commitment to delivering the service levels you really need to make important changes in your life