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Your employer is subsidizing the cost of professional counselling.

Now you can choose the counsellor you want to work with from a wide range of experienced counselling psychotherapists.

There are many specialities to help you with your practical concerns. Private & confidential service to protect all of your sensitive issues.

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Each Counsellor has specific areas of focus and expertise as well as a solid general training and experience in the field. Use this list to select the therapist who is most suited to help you with your specific personal needs.

How it works

Use the specialities here to help select the counselling therapist you would like to work with.

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Send a private & confidential email to your chosen therapist along with your authorization code from your company.

Set up your meetings

Arrange your first confidential meeting time with the therapist and get started!.

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Some of our Counselling Specialties include:

Abuse in Childhood (?)Gui Mansilla
Addictions (?) Susan King, Lori Naylor, Sylvia Kraus, Christine Werbski
Anger Management (?)Stephen van Beek
Anxiety(?)Marsha Berniker, Suzanne Gard, Liz Kalman, Susan King, Ingrid Phaneuf, Robin Roger, Stephen van Beek
Bereavement and Grief (?)Annette Bradshaw, Ingrid Phaneuf, Christine Werbski
Career Issues (?)Suzanne Gard
Couples Issues (?)Marsha Berniker, Suzanne Gard,Gloria Murrant
Creativity (?) Beth Stevenson, Stephen van Beek, Malcolm Welland
Depression(?)Marsha Berniker, Suzanne Gard, Liz Kalman, Susan King, Ingrid Phaneuf, Leonard Rebick, Stephen van Beek, Malcolm Welland
Divorce (?)Marsha Berniker
Dreamwork (?) Sylvia Kraus, Malcolm Welland
Eating Disorders (?)Beth Stevenson, Christine Werbski
Existential (?)Liz Kalman, Leonard Rebick, Malcolm Welland
Intimacy (?)Annette Bradshaw, Sylvia Kraus
Integrative Yoga (?)Sylvia Kraus
LGBT (Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transsexual)Issues (?)Grace Ross
Malaise (?)Robin Roger
Marriage (?)Marsha Berniker
Meditation (?)Gloria Murrant
Money Issues (?)Stephen van Beek
Narrative Therapy (?)Beth Stevenson
Online Therapy (?)Stephen van Beek
Parenting (?)Annette Bradshaw
Phone Therapy (?)Marsha Berniker, Annette Bradshaw
Psycho-Somatic Issues (?)Gui Mansilla
Relationship (?)Suzanne Gard, Leonard Rebick
Self-Esteem (?)Marsha Berniker, Annette Bradshaw, Gui Mansilla
Sexual Abuse (?)Annette Bradshaw
Stress (?)Annette Bradshaw, Gui Mansilla
Substance Abuse (?)Lori Naylor
Trauma(?)Lori Naylor